Puncture repair kit for car and motorcycle 500 ml

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The Motorcycle Puncture Repair Kit seals, repairs the punctures and inflates the tire of any make and model on the market up to 21 inches with Schrader valve in car, motorcycle, bicycles, etc. so you can continue your route without setbacks. With our puncture repair kit you will not need to use a hydraulic jack when using the product due to its easy application in liquid format.


Product characteristics

✔ Suitable for all sizes, makes and models of Schrader valve tires

✔ The puncture repair kit can be used on car wheels, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

✔ Seals, repairs punctures and inflates the tire

✔ Easy and fast application so you can continue driving without vibrations

✔ It allows to continue for 5 or 10 km to the nearest gas station

Importance and advantages of the product

A puncture in the wheel of a vehicle is something that can happen to us at any time and place in our lives. But, if it were to happen to us, would we know how to repair the puncture of the tire?

- Repair of punctures in the wheel of a car

If the car is old, it will likely bring a spare or fifth wheel. It is then when we have to enter the "mess" and replace the wheel with all the effort and expertise involved.

However, new cars no longer carry this emergency wheel and due to the damage suffered in a tire it is necessary to have a kit to repair punctures in spray.

- Repair of punctures in the wheel of a motorcycle

A puncture in the motorcycle tires is also one of the most frequent breakdowns in this type of vehicle. Today thanks to technology we have tubeless tires in which air leaks are reduced, preventing the wheel from breaking.

However, if the wheel is punctured by a nail or screw, the puncture-resistant foam introduces the foam into the interior of the tire, sealing the leak and allowing the nearest gas station to continue.

The main advantage of having a kit to repair punctures in a car or motorcycle is the little space it occupies, since in our case it is a 500ml bottle that can be stored anywhere in the vehicle. In the case of the car, this means fuel savings since we do not have the weight of the spare wheel.

It all starts when the wheel gradually loses pressure and at the least expected moment we can suffer a puncture. So the most economical, easy and comfortable option for tire repair is to have a puncture repair kit, since all you have to do is press the button until the tire is inflated.

Puncture repair kit as a temporary solution

There are many causes that can cause a puncture, but generally they usually occur from sharp objects such as nails, screws, etc. However, it is necessary to take into account the hole that has occurred once the object that caused the puncture has been removed.

If the hole is up to 6mm in diameter in the tread, it can be repaired by applying the puncture-proof foam without problems. But if the hole is larger, it is not recommended to continue using the tire.

It is because we emphasize that our foam is a temporary solution that allows us to repair and inflate the flat tire and get out of trouble. With this option we can continue for 5 or 10km to the nearest gas station, taking special care not to exceed 80 km / h to avoid a blowout.


The car puncture repair kit comes in a 500ml spray format.

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